Your Fashion Closet – Secrets to Trendy Home Decor

Check Once, Check Twice

Check your passion for wardrobing your home by your clothes closet.

It is interesting that some of the same fashion features have found their way into the home dcor as well. Look in your closet and see what trends in women’s fashions you have recently purchased. Well consider adding to your living room a dash of these new trends in embroidery, sequins, and texture. It been said that one should buy their decorative pillows the same way that you buy your shoes.

Freshen It Up

When you have in your collection some of the trendy new styles of dcor basics and accessories, refreshing your home is as simple as rearranging your furniture and moving your paintings and accessories around. It is so much fun to experiment when rearranging your furniture. Especially if your room is large enough to easily create another center of interest. Just make sure that it has a focal point, otherwise the eye will not have a place to rest.

New Possibilities in a New Color Palette.

Before buying all new dcor for a room, choose a new color palette and then search other rooms in your house for items that can be used to align with your new color scheme. Items may often be used in unexpected or unique ways. A throw can serve as decorative table runner or thrown over a sofa to mask a tear or a print you may want to minimize. Pillows can be switched from room to room. Don’t be restricted by the fact that you bought something for one room as it can easily be used in a different way in another room. Keep open to new possibilities and throw convention to the wind! One can simple take away one color perhaps in pillows and bringing in another one that compliments what you already have.

Use What You Have

Moving your accessories around in your house is easier if in all the rooms of your house you have basically used the same dcor so that any accessory can easily fit into any room. For instant, if in your home you are using the “Tuscany” trend, keep that style throughout your home so that one can get a fresh look with just changing accessories. When you have extra time, take out all of your accessories from every room and place them in one spot like the dining room table. Then look at the bare coffee table for instance. Then look at what you have in that clutter of accessories that you may be able to use to create a whole new look on that coffee table choosing different accessories.

So many people get their room “fixed” the way they want it and leave it that way for years. What a bore! Freshen it up every so often by the above suggestion. This way you don’t have to spend a dime, but just use what you have. You may want to add some new scented candles that give a different aroma. That is another way to set a fresh mood. Don’t be afraid to experiment with new looks for your home. However when shopping, don’t buy something that does not blend or is an odd color or won’t mesh with what you already have. You will end up not using it and it will be a waste of money. Always start with what you have and add unexpected or new elements to create a look that is completely your own.