You Can Brighten Your Teeth Without Damaging Them

Have you heard others talk about how they go their teeth whitened at a dentist’s office and have had trouble with their teeth being much more sensitive since then? This is a common complaint of many people who have one of the several types of professional teeth whitening procedures done.

The chemicals in the whitening gel they use in a professional setting can eat away and damage the enamel on your teeth. This can lead to tooth sensitivity and pain. The chemicals can also damage and irritate your gums during the process. You can avoid all of this and still get sparkling white teeth, by doing your own home teeth whitening.

There are teeth whitening systems that use healthy, all natural ingredients to get your teeth just as white as the professional systems, without the damage to your teeth and gums. They have ingredients such as calcium, fluoride and aloe vera to help improve the health of your teeth. You can end up with your teeth as much as ten times brighter using this healthy system. You can even use this type of system to return crowns, caps and veneers to their original shade, without damaging them in any way.

Since you won’t be sitting in a dentist’s office for hours having several sessions done and paying top dollar for their time, this home system is a great deal less expensive. Since you get the same great results, why go through the trouble only to end up with painful teeth? All you have to do is spend an evening now and again with a clear mouth tray over your teeth, all in the comfort of your own home.

You simply run warm water over the clear mouth form and shape it to fit your teeth. You will be able to form a perfect fit, since you are in control. After this, you just fill the mold with the mint flavored gel and insert the mold over your teeth. You leave this on for thirty minutes while you do the dishes, watch television or go for a walk. Once you achieve the desired whiteness, you simply do a whitening about once a year to keep your teeth looking bright and stain free.