Wood Flooring Adds Beauty, Character to Home Decors

Interior designers routinely recommend wood flooring for homeowners seeking the rich look and durability only wood offers. Because of the many types of wood flooring products available, consumers often look to experts for help in selecting the best wood flooring options to best suit their homes’ needs. The experts analyze the design goals of the homeowner, their budget, and the expected use of the home before making recommendations.

Modern wood flooring is derived from several types of wood. Oak, maple, ash and pine varieties dominate the market, and all are readily available. Bamboo has recently gained in popularity, but it still captures a smaller segment of the market. However, it is a good choice for some applications.

Pine flooring, specifically tongue and groove pine flooring, is constantly in demand because of its unique character. The grain patterns and knots give pine a unique beauty that is hard to match. Different varieties of pine have been a flooring staple for many years, but not all varieties of pine are the same.

Pine is, by its very nature, somewhat softer than oak or ash, but some varieties are harder than others. Southern Yellow Pine, for example, is much harder than northern pine varieties. Its natural yellow tones are soft and mellow in their natural state, but the wood also takes stain well. Staining can bring out even more grain detail and give pine varieties an aged look.

While it is difficult to obtain wide oak boards for flooring, Southern Yellow Pine is available in widths well over a foot wide. That factor alone often makes pine the wood of choice for homes or businesses seeking a traditional, wide board flooring look so common in the past. Designers love the many variations available, as it allows a range of design options that would be very difficult to obtain with other wood varieties.

Wood flooring is durable, and will generally last for many years. Southern Yellow Pine is, and will almost certainly continue to be, a top choice for flooring because of its unique look, wonderful ability to take stains, and the way it mellows as it ages.