Wood and Laminate Floor Mops for Cleaning – Do It Right, Keep It Bright

Wooden flooring has become quite a popular alternative to marble and other types of floor texture for its glossy finish and durability. However, maintenance is the key to retain the natural beauty of the wooden and laminate flooring. Most homeowners understand the importance to retain its shine and for that, regular mopping is considered as the most important step. You might be wondering what to buy for mopping as there are wider varieties of wood floor cleaning products.

Know Your Optionsng>

Water is the worst enemy of wooden floor. The secret to good maintenance of wooden floor is not to spill water on it. Even if water is spilled accidentally, mop it at once to prevent damage. Though use of water is strictly prohibited when it comes to wooden floor cleaning, several alternative options are available to keep your floor spick and span.

All wooden floor cleaning products have a label on them. It details about the ingredients contained in the product. Most of these cleaning products have urethane coating. However, it would be advised to avoid using wax based products for cleaning purpose.

Cleaners or polishers also add to the look of wooden floors. Those having wooden flooring in their house are highly recommended to use terry cloth for mopping because it helps in maintenance of polished look.

Laminate Floor Cleaning

If you have laminate floor, it is important to use special cleaning mop. Laminate is a popular use to simulate the sleek finishing of stone, wood or other natural products. Other reasons behind its increasing use are durability and low-cost factor. Like any other finishing like parquet, vinyl etc, laminate too needs special care and maintenance to keep up the glow for years to come.

Apart from choosing the right sort of products for laminate floor clearing, it is equally important to know how to use them. The products come with descriptions in easy-to-understand language for supervised application to minimize the damage to smart finishing that laminate floor produces. For the best result, use the right cleaning agents in combination with the most perfect laminate floor mops.

Clean with Care

Be careful while using mops to clean laminate flooring. Take a note of the following points to ensure maximum care for your laminate floor while cleaning it: Never use a wet mop for cleaning. Also make sure not to sink the mop into chemicals used for cleaning of other floor types.

Even if you use chemicals to clean laminate floor, make sure the mop is not saturated with cleaning agent. Though many manufacturers have come up with water resistant laminate flooring, frequent use or too much of chemicals will cause them to seep through the flooring boards. Use a dry mop. Several manufacturers have introduced laminate floor specific mops which are safe for use and assist in the maintenance of glossy finish. If used according to instructions, they wont cause any damage to your floor. Kirti S is a web enthusiast and a writer. She has afforded her articles and write-ups autonomously and through various online forums.

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