Window Blinds for your Home or Office

Do you currently have blinds on your windows? Curtains? An old sheet (aka the frat boy special)? Regardless of your answer, chances are that you ought to have new window treatments. Too many people throw up some curtains and never change them for years. Blinds are great for any home or office, because they are versatile, affordable, easy to maintain, and come in many different designs, materials, and colors. If you would like to view a huge variety of quality San Diego blinds, the place to go is Sunburst Shutters and Window Fashions.

Window blinds typically are made up of horizontal or vertical slats that can be opened or closed as desired. Blinds can be opened and closed either manually or with a remote control. The slats may be made of plastic, wood, fabric, or metal which may be held together by cords running through the slats. Unfortunately, the Consumer Product Safety Commission or CPSC has identified these cords as a strangulation hazard for children up to 10 years of age. The CPSC recommends buying cordless or cord-free blinds for homes with children or where children visit often such as the babysitter’s home. Alternately a wall cord cleat can anchor the dangling cord tightly to the wall. Additionally, cord stops ought to be installed to restrict cord movement.

There are many different varieties of blinds. The most common are slat blinds, composed of horizontal slats where each slat in unison with the others can be rotated to let light in or block light out. Venetian blinds have these horizontal slats situated one above another. The ‘Venetian Blind’ term was patented in 1769 by Edward Beran. But these blinds had already been invented by the Japanese long ago. Vertical slat blinds are known as Persian blinds are also popular. They too can be rotated to allow light to pass. Vertical or Persian blinds collect less dust than horizontal Venetian Blinds because they stand vertically. Plus they draw to the side instead of raising and lowering, so they work better on windows and doors that also open and close from side to side. In fact they are easier to move and faster to operate.