Why Your Dining Table Should Not Miss The Spode Blue Italian Dinnerware

The Spode collection of tableware is made up of several themes of beautiful dinnerware but if there is any theme that has really caught the eyes of the masses it has to be the somekeyword. The theme is dated back to 1816 and it comprises of images of various regions and places in Italy. Though the images represent no specific place, the artist developed the images to best depict the different regions in Italy. The blue Italian pattern is present on the plates, cookware, giftware and tableware.

This dinnerware is the work of one Josiah Spode who developed the blue under-glaze printing technique to be used on high quality earthenware. To further improve the intricacy of the Spode blue Italian dinnerware, the Italian backgrounds are bordered in an Imari Oriental frame. Though many persons around the globe have tried to copy this technique their replicas quickly disappeared as they could not match the original detail Spode had achieved on his earthenware. The plates in particular come in a variety of designs with the round flat base ones being the most popular.

The quality and design detail saw the popularity of these earthen wares spill over from Europe to America and subsequently to the rest of the world. These classic dinnerware sets are still being manufactured today and there is little traceable difference with the original versions if any. Other than making for a beautiful dinner table, Spode Blue Italian dinnerware sets are good enough to be collectors items. Their resale value is good for both the old and new sets. There is no one standard image or scenery used and for the same scenery there are variations such as the number or type of animals shown.

As with the rest of the somekeywordcollection, the Blue Italian line is made up of resilient plates which are friendly to the high and low temperatures of the microwave, oven and freezers. Their toughness means they can be cleaned in the dishwasher without a problem. These earthenware are suitable for all occasions whether formal or non formal. The Spode Blue Italian dinnerware plates are considerably wide hence they have a variety of uses.

Due to the huge variety of image designs and plate styles in the Spode collection, it is wise to shop for them on the internet to avoid tiring walk-around and endless window shopping. Please visit somekeyword for the widest range of Spode Blue Italian dinnerware at very attractive prices.