Why Soy Candles Are a Smart Buy

Candles can be used to provide holiday cheer, create a romantic setting, or just add warm lighting to a room. However, some candles can actually pollute indoor air in the process, so many shoppers now opt for natural alternatives. The smartest buyers know that a soy candle is non-toxic, long burning, and has many uses. They also choose soy products because their beautiful packaging and scents make them ideal gifts.

Soy Candles Are a Bargain

Companies like Old Factory sell soy candle sets in a wide variety of scents. Although individual candles tend to be smaller than average paraffin alternatives, they burn at least 50% longer. The natural oils that scent them are also very strong, so it takes fewer candles to produce aromas. One small candle can change the mood of a very large area. Products are also beautifully packaged, making them the ideal affordable gifts.

Soy Candles Offer Variety

Whether you need natural candles for home decorating or are choosing gifts, soy products offer a range of solutions. Manufacturers sell hand-made sets that include self-trimming cotton wicks and seasonal fragrances. Their fall sets include Happy Harvest, Winter Wonderland, and Happy Holidays. Each contains three candles with scents like Autumn Leaves, Pumpkin Space, Candy Cane, Cranberry, and Gingerbread. Soy candles can also summon up spring and summer with aromas such as Lemongrass, Fresh Linen, and Olive Blossom. In fact, there are products that are perfect for wedding favors, housewarmings, Mother’s Day, and more.

Soy Candles Are Eco-Friendly and Healthy

Unlike traditional paraffin products, soy candles do not produce hazardous byproducts. Since paraffin is petroleum based, it adds carcinogens, toxins, and allergens to the air. Soy candles produce almost none of the hazardous soot that can pollute indoor air and coat interior surfaces. What little they do produce stays inside their jars. Natural candles are earth friendly, since they are made from biodegradable materials. Using soy products also supports farmers and agriculture, which allows more “green” products to be grown.

Savvy shoppers often buy soy candles instead of those made with paraffin. Natural products offer budget-friendly variety and attractive packaging, making them ideal for gift giving. They are also a very healthy choice, since soy does not produce pollutants that can harm users or the environment.