Why Smart Shoppers Choose Soy Candles

Each year shoppers buy candles to brighten events, decorate homes and scent the air. Although a lot of those products are made from wax, many buyers search for natural soy candles. That is because manufacturers like Old Factory offer a wide variety of handmade, beautifully-packaged merchandise that is suitable for gift giving. Soy candles are also long burning and much healthier than wax products.

Soy Candles Combine Beauty and Efficiency

Manufacturers who create soy candles typically sell them in elegant gifts sets that can include seasonal colors and scents. Autumn sets can include pumpkin spice, cranberry and autumn leaves. Sellers stock Christmas-themed hot cocoa, roasted chestnut, and first snow scents. Most boxes consist of three small candles in glass holders. Although they are usually smaller than wax styles, they burn about 50% longer than paraffin, which makes them economical. Their scents are also strong, so fewer candles are needed to create a festive atmosphere.

Soy Candles Are Carefully Crafted

Unlike mass-produced wax styles, soy candles are carefully hand-made by specialty companies. Manufacturers use only the best soy wax for candles and include cotton wicks. They also use premium oils to produce aromas. Even their jars are carefully designed to double as decorative accents. Soy also burns evenly and leaves very little extra material. If any melts onto surfaces, a little soap and water will remove it.

Soy Candles Are Healthy and Eco Friendly

Health-conscious buyers often choose soy candles because they are non-toxic and good for the planet. Traditional paraffin candles are made from oils which produce soot and emit some cancer-causing agents as they burn. Their wicks also may contain lead, which is toxic. In contrast, soy has a much lower melting point produces almost no soot, emits no dangerous agents and uses all natural, safe wicks. Soy is also a renewable resource created from plants grown by “green” farmers. Buying soy candles a good for the planet because it helps support these Eco-friendly growers.

Many candle buyers now choose soy instead of paraffin products. That is often because hand-made, elegant soy products are beautiful, offer wonderful scents and make ideal gifts. Shoppers also like them because they can be used as safe, healthy, decorative, Eco-friendly accents.