Why Should I buy a Metal Roof?

If your roof needs extensive repairs or even complete replacement, here are some facts about metal roofing you can look at the differences between several roofing materials. Asphalt, wood, tile, concrete and metal roofs all have very different characteristics.
Here is some information about Metal Roofs for you to consider.

If professionally installed by an experienced metal roofer, this roof will likely last as long as the house is standing. Metal roofs have superior water seal properties, high wind safety and resiliance and they let snow slide off pretty easily if the angle is steep enough. They also resist fire, insects, rot and mildew. Most metal roofs have a long warranty from 25 or even up to 50 years. If painted, the finish will also have a long warranty of over 25 years. Metal roofing materials are non-combustable and have a class A fire rating (the highest), but this also depends on the structural materials beneath the roof as well.

If you compare the weight factor of metal against tile or concrete, the average metal roof will weigh about 80% less than the previously mentioned roof materials. Some metal roofs can be installed right over the existing roof and they also can require less support structure if you are adding an addition to the home.

Because metal roofs come in larger 36″ sections, you can finish a metal roofing job faster. This is important if your roof has been stripped off in a storm or has severe leakage or damage. And don’t forget that metal roofs reflect radiant heat which could reduce your air conditioning bill a little bit as well. If you install the roof with additional dead air space, this will increase the insulation value of the roof also.

And lastly, if you live in the great white north, a metal roof is problably the best shield against wind and hard rain storms and snow tends to slide right off because the surface is hard and slippery.

If this article has caused you to think about installing metal roofing over some of the other choices and you live anywhere around Niagara Ontario, then I recommend you call Golden Roofing Hotline. These guys are fast, friendly and knowledgeable about all roofing materials and are your best bet for a commercial roofing Niagara company.