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Energy Efficiency and Shutters If you are like most people and have to turn up your heat in the winter and your air conditioner in the summer, you might benefit from a shutter style that helps to make your home more energy efficient. Shutters can be used to keep the warmth in your house on a winter day without overly using your heater. Likewise your shutters should reflect the sun’s rays on a hot summer day, keeping your house cool without turning on your air conditioner. If you are wanting to be more energy efficient, shutters are an affordable and stylish way to do this; shutters will also add to your privacy as well as make your home comfortable and cozy. There are a couple of different styles of shutter you will be able to choose from for your home. One choice of shutter that is popular are plantation shutters, these can either be affixed to the inside or outside of your home’s windows or doors. This type of shutter comes in hardwood or painted wood, they can be waterproofed so they are able to be used in bathrooms or shower rooms where there tends to be a lot of moisture. They come in different styles and colors so they are sure to meet your needs, doing an online search will give you some of the options you can choose from. Another type of shutter for you to decide from is a full length shutter, these are excellent for conserving energy. Like their name suggests, these shutters cover the entire window and are great for any home or office. If you like the concept of a full length shutter you might also like a tier-on-tier shutter, these cover the whole window, but are two sections allowing you to open one section to control the light that comes into your home while at the same time keeping some of your privacy.
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A solid shutter is the most popular shutter style if you are interested in keeping hot or cool air in your home. These are not a new concept; in fact they came about in the Victorian era and are still used today to make homes energy efficient. These are made of solid wood panels that provide a lot of coverage for your windows, not only do they help with energy they also help reduce outside noise.
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Each of the shutters that we covered will help your home be more energy efficient and will help you reduce the cost of your heating and cooling bill. Shutters help insulate your house by cutting down on the about of heat that is lost through your windows. Not only do they help with heating and cooling, but they also help with safety and privacy.