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How to Keep Valuables Safe and Your Guns Out of the Wrong Hands Guns and valuables are probably two of the most important things you have in your house, but are you storing them properly? Storing firearms and valuables properly means securing them from the elements, thieves, and especially, children. Storing guns in cabinets that are not up to specification, or stashing valuables away makes your home an easy target for burglars–not to mention the fact that many valuables are worth much more than their price tags. Fireproof safes that are resistant to water damage provide the most protection for your cherished belongings, and in the following paragraphs we’re going to go briefly over the differences between safes and gun cabinets you can trust and others that are best left avoided.. How to Keep Your Loved Ones and Valuables Safe Buying a gun cabinet that has a higher capacity than you currently possess may pay off in the future. Gun safes should always have a complicated locking mechanism, primarily to keep kids away from guns. If you have children, or children are regularly at the house, be a responsible gun owner and educate them about the dangers of mishandling firearms. Buying a safe that is larger than you need allows you to store documents, in a separate fire-proof case, of course, ammo, and all of your firearm accessories in the same place.
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In general, safes should always be able to endure extreme temperatures, the scheming of potential thieves, and exposure to water. Often, safes are not able to resist fire and water damage to the extent advertised, and so it is essential that your gun cabinet or safe is fireproof. Gun ownership is a serious responsibility, and to that end it is your job as a gun owner to ensure that weapons remain out of the wrong hands–securing your collection allows you to set an example of responsible ownership. Don’t skimp on gun cabinets as these can protect you, your loved ones, and vital documents and valuables in the event of the worst case scenario. Remember that documents should always be kept in a fireproof container even if stored within your gun cabinet. You should always remember to safeguard your documents by placing them in a fireproof and waterproof container if you are storing them in your gun cabinet.
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In the case of an emergency, it is reassuring to know that your valuables and most cherished items are secure in a fireproof safe or stored in a gun cabinet. Purchase a safe for peace of mind and the reassurance that your things are safe in a disaster or emergency.