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Lawn Care and Fertilizer Application- What Are They About? The health of your lawn is actually a reflection of how capable and responsible you are as a homeowner. A healthy and beautiful lawn will be thick and green and weed free, however maintaining is not as simple as using sprinklers. It requires the time and energy of the residential homeowner. There are other options that you could do and that is to hire lawn care companies. Lawn care companies will make sure that your landscapes and lawns will remain beautiful and vigorous for the entire year and their charges are reasonable. Here are some tips from lawn care professionals on how to maintain lawn and how is the fertilizer application: The first tip is that you should not mow the grass if it is still short. The grass should be at least three to four inches before you could mow it. Longer blades will allow your grass to have strong roots. This also promotes better absorption of water and food.
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Your sprinklers should be set to go on early in the morning. Before the sun will come out in the morning your lawn should be watered. In warm places they should water the sods in the morning because it will give time for the grass to absorb water and prepare for dry weather.
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It is also good for your lawn to rest. The meaning of rest for lawns is that it will not be touched for a whole month. This is mostly applicable to warmer places. This process is actually teaching your lawn how to recover when the weather becomes too hot. When fall season comes then you could go back to the regular things that you do in maintaining your lawn like fertilizing, mowing and watering. Schedule the fertilizer application of your lawn. Do not fertilize your lawn in the summer. September or the fall season is the best period for you fertilize the grass of your lawn. Grass are feeding on more nutrients during this time of the year since they are also preparing for the cold weather. When you have new sods, you should make use of starter fertilizers. This type of fertilizer is rich in nitrogen, potassium and phosphorous. The lawn care company will check your soil and conduct soil tests so they could tell you what fertilizer to use.Weed killers must not be applied to new sods. Anti weed compounds can actually kill your new lawn. For Fescues, Bluegrasses and Ryegrasses they are considered as cold climate lawns because they can only be seen in colder places. They should feed these types of lawns at least once or twice early in the fall season.