Why Luxury Vinyl Flooring is Suitable for your Flooring at Home

Flooring choice actually reflects one’s lifestyle and budget. If you are having trouble with muddy footprints, spilled orange juice, wet dogs and other nasty things, there’s a solution to your floor problem – luxury vinyl flooring. Luxury vinyl flooring (PVF) is a good choice for your bathroom and kitchen because it makes your flooring easy to clean. Most stains can easily be wiped or mopped away – it’s that easy. But what are the properties of LVF that makes it very suitable flooring for your house? Here are some:

1. Durability. Luxury vinyl flooring is actually very durable. It has a ten to fifteen year life span when used and abused, even longer when you rarely use the space wherein the type of flooring is used. This flooring will guarantee that your floor will look as good as new because it has a layer that protects the surface from tear and wear from daily use.

2. Water resistant. LVF tiles are resistant to water, making it very suitable for room floorings and even for kitchen or bathroom floorings.

3. Design and appearance. LVF has many different designs which varies in size. Design may be in form of either wood or stone. Wood designs include oak, maple, etc. and marble for stone designs. The designs printed offers very realistic images of either stone or wood. You can hardly tell the difference.

4. Silent floor. LVF absorbs noise thus reducing the noise while walking. And it is perfect to make your house more comfortable.

5. Hygienic. LVF has an anti-bacterial component that makes it easy to maintain. Bacteria has no place on this type of flooring which is especially perfect for families with young children who usually crawl all over the floor.

6. Eco-friendly. LVF is made from virgin Polyvinyl chloride (PVC) material which makes it one hundred percent recyclable and can reduce negative impacts to the environment. Choosing this type of flooring will not only make your house look a step classier but also it will the environment.

7. Easy to install. Though floor installation must be done by a professional and well-experienced contractor, installation of LVF is just very easy since it’s basically the same as installing tiles.

If your budget is limited since luxury vinyl flooring is much expensive than other traditional floorings,cheap vinyl floorings can also be considered. This vinyl flooring also provides properties such as durability, water resistance and good designs just like what LVF do provide. However, considering overall aspects between the two floorings, LVF is more desirable to use than the other. If the cheap flooring is chosen, it goes without saying that it definitely will not last as long as luxury vinyl flooring.

Joseph works for Remland Carpets, an award winning flooring company. Remland Carpets specialise in all domestic and commercial work including schools, healthcare, industrial flooring and somekeyword.