Why Homeowners Are Building Bunk Beds

Many homeowners use their DIY experience to build custom bunk beds. The trend is popular because the beds are easy to customize and serve many needs. It is also easy to get information about building them at websites such as www.minimalistwoodworking.com/bunk-bed-plans/.

Why DIY Bunk Beds Are Popular

It is possible to buy bunk beds in a wide range of sizes, styles, and woods. However, well-made sets tend to be expensive, with some costing $1,000 or more. Beautiful beds can be built for a fraction of that amount. Many people also build their own because there are dozens of different plans available. The beds adapt to many uses and it is possible to build a good-looking, sturdy set even without a lot of experience. Bunk beds solve space problems, especially when two or more children share a bedroom. They create space for guests, and some landlords install them in homes that they rent to college students.

Why Bunk Beds Are Adaptable

Do-it-yourself beds can be built from a variety of woods and may be finished to suit a variety of tastes and uses. Many homeowners use soft, budget-friendly materials to construct beds for children, since they know that their kids will outgrow them in just a few years. Others choose sturdy, attractive woods that result in elegant, long-lasting furniture that is strong enough for adults of any size.

How Bunk Beds Provide Style

Home-made bunk bed styles can range from basic mattresses and frames to elaborate furniture with custom features. Some homeowners add personalized designs, decals, and carvings. Builders can add drawers, ladders, safety rails, and even desks. They may choose woods that match their home decorating styles, or paint frames to create themes. Some very experienced builders can sometimes reverse engineer furniture styles they have seen in photos, but most amateurs cannot. Fortunately there are many expert plans designed for DIY builders. They include detailed instructions and teach professional techniques.

Bunk beds offer space-saving, affordable solutions for families with kids or those who just need extra beds. Many people build their own sets using professional plans. The beds are popular DIY projects because they are easy to customize, are affordable, and can be constructed by inexperienced builders.