Why Choose a Large Bathroom Vanity

Whether homeowners are starting their renovation projects with the bathroom or this wok is the last on the list, they want to make sure they choose a style that will last. For those who have the space to do so, the decision to shop 72 inch bathroom vanities is one that provides both aesthetic and functional purposes. From an aesthetic point of view, walking into a bathroom with a huge vanity displays a sense of class and taste that a smaller one might not. It also helps to showcase the immense amount of space in the bathroom.

Larger vanities are the perfect solution for a lack of storage space. Around the rest of the house, cabinets and closets might be limited, but this extra large vanity will allow family members to store towels, extra bottles of shampoo and condition, tubes of toothpaste and even bathroom cleaning supplies. However, people should be careful that no cleaning supplies gets near items that will go on the body or in the mouth as this can be dangerous or even fatal.

In addition to providing more storage space, a vanity of this size works well for large families. While the house might have two bathrooms in it, the vanity can make it seem as though there are three. For example, a vanity of this size is often large enough for a double sink. If the family has two children, both of them can get ready for the day at the same time. There is double the room for brushing teeth, washing faces and styling hair.

People who think they will sell their houses in the future can also benefit from an over-sized vanity. In the online and local listings, they can use it as a selling point. When potential buyers come to visit the house, they will be astounded by the size of the vanity and consider the benefits of it for their own families. People who have such a large vanity in their bathrooms will likely be able to get more money for the house than if they had a more traditionally-sized one.