Why Bamboo Area Rugs Are Ideal Home Decorations

Bamboo is nature’s gift. It is a plant that grows fast making it possible for numerous products to be made using this material. Bamboo area rugs are just some of the goods produced from this sturdy plant.

Bamboo area rugs do come in a variety of shapes and tones and they do bring a feeling of nature to the modern home decor. They come in rectangle, oval and circular. The also come plain or with patterns that are stamped on the surface and these stamped patterns will not rub off.

Bamboo area rugs are available in shades of brown, red, blue and green. The variety makes these rugs adaptable home decorations as they can be placed in the living room, kitchen, bedroom and patio. With proper care such as avoiding direct sunlight, the color quality can be preserved for a long time.

There is also a variation of the most common rug, and that is a bamboo shag area rug. These have a very thick pile like that of the traditional shags but the way it is weaved is a blend of a yarn made of both bamboo and cotton. They are even softer and more plush than even the synthetic fibers or wool.

Choosing bamboo as your area rug gives your decor a fresh, contemporary look. The bamboo rugs with a pattern are also environmentally friendly as the dye used is completely non-toxic.

These rugs come in different shapes and patterns. The patterns and colors of bamboo rugs make for an attractive home decor perfect for any room.

Cleaning the bamboo rug is a simple matter of using a mop or a damp cloth to wipe it down. If the case of a spill, the surface of the rug as well as the floor must be dried thoroughly. This will prevent any chance of mildew or mold. The material is treated to resist this from happening but a spill still needs to be dried properly.

Yes, this is a wonderful choice for an enclosed patio but the bamboo area rug also looks wonderful in the kitchen under the kitchen table and chairs. If you use an area rug under the table, be sure to buy one that extends three feet past the edge of the table to allow for moving the chairs without falling off the perimeter.

Another really effective way to use the bamboo area rug in a large space is as an anchor for a small grouping. The circular rug looks amazing when used with a small table, a comfortable chair and a lamp creating a little nook for reading.

In modern decor these unique area rugs are used in the living room and go especially well in front of a fire place setting. These are clean and natural in appearance, durable, easy to care for and soft to the touch. How great is that?