Which Type Of Flooring Is Best For Your House

Flooring can make an impressive variation in the appearance of a house. Not only it adds to the resale value but also it augments the atmosphere of a home. There are lots of options to look for when deciding on the flooring for the house. Few of the flooring choices are:

1. Hardwood Flooring: Due to their natural radiance and durability, the Hardwood staples have been around in the flooring industry for decades. Solid wood floors are everlasting investment that can generate ageless dignity and add worth to the home.

2. Bamboo Flooring: It is relatively a new kind of flooring. It is more environmentally friendly as compared to hardwood floors. It is not a wood but it is grass. Bamboo is strong, graceful and multipurpose. The usual distinctive honey brown or light tan colour of bamboo is obtained after carbonization.

3. Laminate Flooring: In recent era, liking for Laminate Flooring is on the rise in USA and Canada. They have already received eminence in Europe. Cheaper than hardwood flooring and easy to maintain are the reasons for its rising popularity. This is almost opposed to fire, abrasions, mutilation etc.

4. Linoleum Flooring: Linseed oil is the main component used in this type of flooring made of raw, natural materials. Mineral dyes are mainly used to give a gorgeous rich colors to linoleum. It is always preferred ecologically and economically as these are prepared from natural materials.

5. Ceramic Tiles: These are the most waterproof flooring and hence are used generally in showers. These can be used as floor tiles or counter tops both indoor and outdoors. The unpolished and rough tiles are often preferred for outdoor flooring due to the possibility of standing water. Moreover, the polished tiles are likely to be scratched after some period.

6. Marble Floor: Marble products are developed from extracted metamorphic rock blocks that generally contain calcium carbonate. Marble flooring make a graceful vestibule and these are very easy to install.

7. Carpet & Rugs: For years, the carpets were used but the only drawback is that these are bulky and require a lot of effort to install. In order to overcome this problem, carpet tiles were introduced. Carpet tiles are square in shapes, easy to install and if there is a brim over on the carpet, just one tile requires to be reinstated.

8. Vinyl Sheet: Vinyl flooring also known as linoleum floors is available in a series of colors and styles. Apart from easy to install, Vinyl flooring is also relatively inexpensive. Vinyl flooring can be used as a substitute for ceramic tiles, as they bestow the similar appearance as tiles.

9. Rubber Flooring: Rubber floors are usually used in sport rooms, home aerobics rooms, playrooms and children’s bedrooms. They are easy and cheap in maintenance. Only at scheduled scrubbing and occasional sweeping is sufficient. They retain their gloss and shade for a long time.

10. Cork Flooring: Cork is a reaped product which is derived from Portugal and Spain. Cork is salvaged from mature trees and can be obtained every 9 years and thus it is very cost-effective. Cork accepts easily absorb stains. Its natural archetypes and blueprints augment any furnishing.

Whatever option you consider while flooring, the precedence must be for your safety and anti mugginess otherwise you will have to replace the flooring time and again.


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