Which PEX Fittings System Is Right For Me

In this article I shall be discussing the various different types of PEX pipe and PEX Fittings that are currently available to you.

PEX Fittings can be of 2 types the slide in style and the easy style. The latter refers to the crimp style. You can easily accomplish PEX piping and PEX tubing. First of all, your job is to find out and determine which type of PEX piping will be best in your condition. Then you can use the required fittings.

The slide on fittings is available in brass and plastic. And if you go for the crimp style ones, you will find that they are available in both brass and engineered plastic. You can separately purchase rings that can be attached to them.

A few different types of PEX Fittings that are widely in use and are currently sold in the markets are female sweat adapters, straight couplings, tee fittings, end cap, stainless steel cinch stamp and copper crimps.

Hydro PEX Crimp fittings

You can use these types of fittings both with the copper crimp ring system as well as the stainless steel made clamping system. They are truly compatible with PEX plumbing. If you are using these for PEX tubing, you will be able to make the necessary connections. You also need not worry about the quality of these fittings as they are compliant with the ASTM F 1087 standard. These fittings are compatible with Viega Pex Tubing, Vanguard, Watts, Zurn, Therma, Hepex and Aquapex.

Shark Bite Fittings These ones are push fit fittings that have simplified the installation of pipes, such is their design. These ones have been designed in such a manner that it takes only seconds to connect pipes and that too with ease.

ProPEX Expander Fittings

These ones belong to the style called expansion style fittings. Uponor or erstwhile Wirsbo are the manufacturers of these kinds of PEX Fittings. It is the most widely used and trusted PEX Tubing connection throughout USA and Europe. To use these types of fittings, you will require a compatible ring and an expansion tool of the same brand. Together you can create your connections of PEX pipe.

Watts Quick Connect Fittings

Are you looking for a design that permits easy and quick connections and which also wont require installation tools? Do you want a zero leak connection? If so, you have to simply discard the polybutylene or CPVC or copper or plastic piping and use a Watts quick connect fittings.

You can also take a look at PEX Compression adapters and couplings, polyAlloy PEX Crimp Fittings and PEX Press Fittings