When Choosing the Best Scented Candles, Let your nose be Your Guide

Scented candles are a nice way to set the mood in your home. With so many to choose from, determining what are the best scented candles may present a challenge for some. After a long day at work, the scent from a candle can help you unwind. Consider a few of these scents to help you choose wisely.

Home Sweet Home

Scented candles can fill the air with relaxing aromas to help relieve stress. They can also make your home smell good. To help you choose consider a few of these scents.

Spring Time

Lemongrass has a clean scent that many people adore. This makes a great Spring scent and is included in many scented candles. Linen and fresh cotton are two additional scents that freshens up a room with the feeling of Spring.


Probably one of the most calming scents, lavender makes a great addition to a calming routine. Just light a lavender scented candle and transform your home into a tranquil oasis. Lavender candles are an affordable way to turn an ordinary bath time into spa time.

Fall & Winter

Nothing ushers in the change of seasons like candles. Pumpkin and apple cinnamon will make your home come alive in the fall and winter with scents of baked goods in the air.

Couple’s Time

Vanilla candles have a warm and soothing scent that can help set the mood for any couple. Don’t be afraid to explore other scents to create an intimate space. Let your nose be your guide.

Gift Idea

Candles make a great gift. Most people love candles, especially women. Whether for a baby shower, wedding, birthday or just to say ‘thank you’ you can’t go wrong giving a scented candle as a gift.

Candles have been around for centuries, and although they aren’t new, it’s important to pay attention to how they are made. Some candles can be toxic if burned indoors too long. Choose candles that are made of soy and not paraffin. The wick should not contain lead and candles made with essential oils are best. You should never leave candles burning unattended as this increases the risk of a house fire.