What Types of Hardwood Floor Finishes Are Available

If you are going to have a hardwood floor in your home you’re going to want something that is going to be long lasting and look great for as long as possible. There is nothing quite like a real hardwood floor for getting that ultimate warmth and appeal that so many people want in their homes today. But the whole process needs to be planned carefully – and that includes the finish you opt for.

What finishes do I have to choose from?

Well there are two basic finishes you should know about to begin with. The first one is called a surface finish. This is basically exactly what it sounds like – it effectively sits on the surface of the floor and provides protection against everything and everyone that knocks it falls on it or walks over it.

The second type of hardwood floor finish you’ll come across is called a penetrating finish. Once again this is pretty self explanatory the idea is to apply a finish that actually penetrates into the wood instead of sitting right on top of it.

Is one better than the other?

It all depends on what you want. But knowing the essential difference in the way the two treatments perform is good if you want to make an educated decision on the type of floor finish you want to go for.

The clue lies in the name of the treatment. A surface finish will sit right on top of the wood. It will act as a barrier between your feet as you walk over the floor and the floor itself. It may only be a thin barrier but it will protect the wood and keep it looking divine for a long time to come.

In contrast, if you go for a penetrating wood finish the treatment will penetrate into the wood instead of sitting on it. In this case you will be walking on the floor itself and not on the floor finish. Over time you can therefore expect the floor to start wearing down, because the treatment has become a part of it instead of acting as a barrier.

Which should I choose?

It could depend on the finish and the look you want to achieve. The penetrating treatments are arguably more natural than the surface ones. But then if you spill a glass of, say, red wine on your surface treated floor, you’ll be able to mop it up. If you do the same on a floor that has been treated with a penetrating treatment, the floor will likely mop it up instead!

On the other hand you can sand down and refinish areas of a penetrated wood finish if need be. It all depends on what you want to do and sometimes it could depend on the way you use your home. If you have kids for example you might enjoy the additional protection offered by surface treatments for your hardwood floor. Consider all the options before you decide.

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