What to Expect From Your Foundation Inspection

Part of keeping your home intact requires keeping up with maintenance and repairs on the inside and out. One area of importance that should be kept in mind is the foundation. Most homeowners have no idea on what to look for when it comes to issues with a foundation, and only make calls once there are major issues. To avoid costly repairs, it is ideal to have a contractor come out and complete a foundation inspection on the annual basis. Particularly right before the cold weather breaks is a good time to schedule the inspection. Knowing what to expect from a foundation expert is extremely important to selecting the right service provider for the job.

Meeting with Your Contractor

On the day of your scheduled inspection a contractor will come out to your home. They will need to collect a considerable amount of information in order to conduct a thorough inspection. After collecting certain information about your home, the expert should complete an inspection of both the interior and exterior of your home. This will allow them to get a complete picture of the foundation in your home and any necessary areas of concern.

What to Expect From Your Contractor

There are certain things that you should expect your foundation contractor to provide you with during the entire evaluation. Some of those things should include being thorough and maintaining complete professionalism during the entire process. They should perform an interior and exterior inspection using various tools, provide a scal drawing of your home marking areas that are in need of repairs, and provide you with a service plans that includes a plan of action for getting the problems resolved with your home’s foundation.

After the inspection has been completed, you should immediately request an estimate for the costs of services. The estimate should include a list of tasks required, the total price for the project or man hours, as well as the estimated cost of materials. Foundation inspections are necessary from time to time to ensure that the structure of your home stays intact. If it has been several years since you’ve had your foundation repaired click here to hire a contractor for service.