What to do If Your toilet won’t flush?

If you want to do a little investigation to fix your toilet before you have a plumber come out to your home, here are a few helpful things you can do if you have a toilet that doesn’t flush properly.

A non flushing toilet can be caused by many different problems. Tree roots and other objects may be in your main line, your septic tank could be full if you are on one, calcium can accumulate in the opening of the toilet, or even a toy or toiletries may have made their way into the basin.

Using a plunger is the cheapest and quickest way to check if something is loose enough that you can joggle around to get rid of a blockage. If you don’t have a plunger, you will need to put rubber gloves on and check by hand. While your hand is down there, if it
feels rough instead of smooth, this may be sign that calcium has built up. To get rid of calcium, you can use a bottle of CLR. Pour it into the bowl, cover with plastic wrap and let it sit overnight. Flush it away in the morning.

Next you could buy a snake from your local department or hardware store. They are only 5 to 10 dollars and a very handy tool to keep around the house. Simply follow the package directions. If you can’t get the snake to move down the drain, this is a sign you probably need an experienced plumber to remove the toilet from the floor, unless you are very handy with plumbing problems such as this. When you remove the toilet you will be able to either see blockages or standing water in the pipe.

If you find standing water in the main line, you have two products you can buy to pour down the open pipe; first if your home has a lot of big trees near the area that the drain would exit the house, you can buy root killer at the hardware store to pour down first. After that, from the same store you can buy main drain cleaner and pour that down too.

If none of these fixes your toilet, it is probably time to call an experienced emergency plumber. If you live anywhere near Calgary, Alberta I would higly recommend Calgary Plumbing Works. These guys are great, affordable plumbers you can call for commercial drain cleaning Calgary.