What To Do If You Experience A Leak In Your Home’s Gas Lines

If you have a gas supply to your home, you probably enjoy several gas powered appliances and a much lower electrical bill than your neighbors. Gas is a clean burning fuel source that has very low emissions and is simple to switch over to. You probably knew you would be saving a great deal of money, and that helped you to make the decision to switch over to gas.

Occasionally, people have to deal with issues that can crop up with gas. Sometimes, gas leaks occur, and it is something that should be identified quickly and dealt with immediately. There are a few signs that you have a gas leak, and you can make this determination on your own. If you smell rotten eggs, this is a good sign that gas is leaking. Natural gas and propane do not have any smell at all, but a chemical known as mercaptan is added because it smells like rotten eggs. This is to help people identify a leak and take the necessary steps to deal with it immediately.

Another sign of leaking gas is the sound of the gas escaping. If you hear this noise, stop what you are doing immediately. Do not use a land-line telephone or a cell phone inside, do not light a match or smoke, and do not turn on any electrical switches. Any of these actions can create an ignition source, and this can cause a dangerous explosion. If the gas has been leaking for a while and has been building up, the smallest thing could prove to be dangerous.

If you suspect that your gas is leaking, get outside right away. When you leave the building, leave the door open behind you, and call a plumber or the gas authority immediately to take care of the leak. Do not take any chances, ever. If you even suspect that gas is leaking, it is important to make the call right away to have the leak dealt with. It is much better to err on the side of caution and keep your home and your family safe if gas is leaking.