What Takes Nanny Cams Above and Beyond Normal Surveillance Cameras?

Home surveillance cameras are quite simple in function. A home system could be as straightforward as one camera in one room, or built with a network across the entire home. There is usually a hub where all cameras are visible at the same time. More and more systems are implementing remote surveillance through an Internet connection, which allows users to view all cameras from their smartphone or laptop. This is a far cry from the hub that appears like a NASA control room.

Surveillance systems are for straight and raw surveillance. It is also possible to add security features to them, such as remote door locks and fire protection triggers. Nanny cams are functionally the same. They are cameras that view a baby’s room. With that, they are the same as surveillance systems. This particular nanny cam has two additional features that traditional surveillance systems do not deploy, and that is why they are so much better for protecting a child, compared to generally protecting a property.

Nanny cams almost always have sound boxes. They are programmed to play lullabies for a baby. Secondly, they allow parents to speak to the baby. Here is a common scenario: a nanny has a crying baby on their hands. The nanny contacts the parents (or the parents already know through the video stream) that the baby is upset. They speak to the baby through the camera and sound system, calming the baby and taking the burden off the nanny.

There is another subtle difference to remember. Nanny cams do not often hang in the corner of the room. They are left closer to the baby, perhaps just outside the crib on a table or along the wall if the crib is within a few feet. The reason this is so is to allow the voice to come through, as well as the lullabies.

The lullaby and voice box feature is exclusive to most nanny cams, and it is a great way to take the idea of a classic surveillance system to a personal and wonderful place. Want more on nanny cams and child surveillance cameras? Check out http://nannycamsreviews.com for more.