What Size To Get Especially For Barbie Dollhouse Furniture

Is Quarter Inch Scale the right size for my dollhouse?

Dollhouse manufacturers use scales to help you make sure you are buying the right sized items for your dollhouse. The most popular scale for both furniture and dollhouses is the 1 inch scale. On this website, all furniture is built on a 1 inch scale unless you see inch or inch in the title of the item.

Dollhouse scales show how many inches of dollhouse furniture correspond to a foot, or 12 inches, of real life furniture. So, a 1 inch dollhouse sofa represents a 6 foot real sofa. Other scales include the 1 inch (1:12) and half inch (1:24) scales. If you do not know the scale of furniture you need for your dollhouse, use a ruler to determine the floor-to-ceiling height on the bottom floor of your dollhouse. Heights from 8-12 inches translate to a 1 inch scale.

If it uses a half inch scale, the height will be from 4 to 6 inches quarter inch scale dollhouses have heights of 2-3 inches.

Using Wire with Dollhouse Furniture

Do you want a design that is very intricate? Choosing a wire material means that the craftsman has greater flexibility to do what normal wood could not. In this manner the wire can represent any variety of dollhouse furniture shapes and colors. You will see this material in most interlaced dollhouse furniture designs.

Dollhouse Furniture for the Outdoors

Your beautiful dollhouse will be even more fascinating when you put some furniture items around the outside areas. Items such as patio furniture and porch swings distinguish your dollhouse from typical ones, and show the pride in details you take. Plus, these items give you one more reason to admire the outside of your dollhouse as much as the inside
Dollhouse Furniture Material: Poly-resin
Poly-resin is making headway in popular choices with dollhouse furniture manufacturers, as well as other miniature and decorative pieces. Poly-resin is a material blend between a polyester fabric and a hard resin giving it a unique feel and texture that works great for molding. There are two great benefits in using poly-resin, the first is a very durable piece, the second is that the color is less likely to fade than standard paint.

Modern Dollhouse Furniture

There are many types and styles of dollhouse furniture and one of the newest designs is modern dollhouse furniture. Modern dollhouse furniture is molded after contemporary designs. Modern design works very well together, and especially when coupled with a modern style dollhouse kit.

Kitchen Furniture

There is a huge range of dollhouse kitchen sets available, from a few simple appliances to deluxe, everything-included kitchens. You will definitely want to have a table and chairs in your kitchen if you are not planning to add a separate dining room to your dollhouse. Also, keep in mind that many of the most fun dollhouse accessories belong in the kitchen (pots and pans, dollhouse food, etc.), so make sure your kitchen will be able to display them.

Mahogany Material

When looking at wood material for dollhouse furniture mahogany is a great pick for its strength and scratch resistant nature. Mahoganies natural color emanates a beautiful antique look that will add greatly to your dollhouse eye appeal. To be honest, no dollhouse feels complete without a bit of mahogany to add a collectors feel to it. Most antique mahogany pieces were made in the 1700s, and these dollhouse furniture replicas would fit great in any Victorian dollhouse kit.