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Baby Sleep Help – Make Your Baby Fall Asleep Fast You’re a new parent and you have just brought that little baby at home. For sure, you are pretty eager to start with your journey as being a patient and loving parent but soon after, you’ll find that your baby doesn’t always like to sleep when you do. Truth is, your baby appears to be resisting to sleep. There are actually a number of reasons to why your baby may just not want to sleep at night and some of it are: Reason number 1. Too much sleep – one common reason for why they resist to sleep is that they may have just slept too much during the day. Quite likely, this happens in toddlers ad not in newborns. For this issue, you just have a later bedtime for your little one. Reason number 2. Separation anxiety – your baby may just missed you that much and have a separation anxiety. This is quite likely to happen for older babies though and if you think that this what seems to be the problem, spend some time with him.
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Reason number 3. Temperament and personality – social as well as perceptive babies may fight sleep since they enjoy the stimulation of staying awake. They do not like to miss any fun moments and for a simple solution to this matter, just play with them and wait until they like to sleep on their own.
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Here are some suggestions that you may want to give a try regardless of the reasons to why your baby is not sleeping when you want them to. Binke and/or swaddling – there are times that swaddling can help your baby to fall asleep as does with their pacifier. Swaddling can additionally make them to feel warm and safe and if your baby likes binkie, then you could make him feel more contented too. Swing or rocking – if you have been rocking your baby to sleep, then keep on doing it. Just keep on doing what you are doing to help your baby fall asleep. Another known thing that can be done is by using a cradle or swing as the motion it creates is typically soothing for babies and sleep inducing too. Dream feed – this is actually where your baby is asleep and you are about to give him a bottle. Don’t pick him or wake him up, just put the bottle in their mouth and hold it until they are finished drinking it. This is going to help your baby to sleep longer and so you do. It is all normal for babies to fight sleep but with these techniques, you can trick them to fall asleep when you want to.