What Occasions Call for the Gift of Candles?

While many people enjoy the use of Scented Candles in their homes, it pays to remember that they make a great gift item. In fact, there are several occasions when choosing to give candles is the way to go. Here are a few scenarios to consider.

Welcoming a New Neighbor

When someone moves into the neighborhood, it pays to get things off on the right foot by welcoming the newcomer. A great way to manage the task is to put together a basket of goodies. For inspiration, fall back on an old adage and include several items that will be of use. A loaf of freshly baked bread symbolizes wishes that the newcomer will never know hunger, while a bottle of wine conveys the sentiment that there always be cheer under the roof. Nestled in the contents of the basket it pays to add a few candles representing the hope that there is always light on even the darkest days.

Attending a Party

While a bottle of wine is a traditional hostess gift when arriving at a party, this approach is not appropriate when the hosting family does not imbibe. Another way to go is to put together a package of candles, each with a different scent. They can be nestled in a basket or wrapped in a gift box. In any event, the candles are sure to be something the host or hostess can put to good use.

Holiday Gifts for Work

It is not unusual for coworkers to exchange token gifts on holidays. The nice thing about giving a set of candles is that the gift is not likely to end up in the back of the closet. Since the candles will come in handy for all sorts of events around the house, the recipient will find them to be a practical and thoughtful approach. If the coworker is known to prefer a certain scent, it never hurts to use that as the inspiration for choosing the right candles.

Take a moment and identify a few other occasions when giving candles would be appropriate. It will not take long to see how stocking up on this type of resource will make it easy to always have something on hand that can be wrapped or added to a few other things as a way of making the ideal present for a friend, neighbor, or relative.