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Repair Your Sliding Door by Yourself

Homeowners may be faced with sliding door repairs on a regular basis. Even though there are instances when all you want to do is to hire an expert to fix this problem for you, you still can do certain minor repairs to ensure that you won’t have any problem involving your interior doors.

As time goes by and with constant use, it is common for dust and dirt to build up on sliding doors and interior doors. Whenever this occurs, you will probably notice it sticking while moving the glass along its track. Grab a stiff brush to ease up and get rid of the accumulated dirt out of its tracks. As soon as you get rid of the dirt buildup, you can proceed in cleaning it with soap and water.

Make Adjustment on the Screws to Address Sticking
The sticking gears can be so exasperating. Take a look below the unit’s face or edge to see the two screws. You may find the screws placed underneath the trim caps. Try prying off the trim caps to expose the screws if it is indeed below the trim caps. The height of the track can be adjusted by loosening or tightening the screws. Observe the height of your door to ascertain that all sides are even. If a particular side of the door seems higher or lower than the other side, proceed in turning the proper screw to either make that side of the door go up or down some more. In case the entire device still sticks, just tighten the two screws by a quarter more in lifting the whole unit. To find out if the glass is no longer sticking, start gliding it back and forth.

Inspect the Rollers
If similar issues related to sticking persist, the problem probably lies with the rollers. To check the rollers, you need to take off the entire sliding door. Because the glass is heavy, you would probably need help in handling the door after taking it down. Remove the screws from inside the jamb to be able to take off the stop molding. After taking off the stop molding, tilt the glass back a little as you try to remove it with care before lifting it out. Look at the rollers to find out if they are filthy. Clean the rollers once you see it is full of dust and dirt. Find out how mobile the rollers are. Loosen up a stuck roller by spraying it with some lubricant. Observe them again to determine if the problem was fixed by cleaning and lubricating the roller. Replace the rollers if the issue lingers.

Replacement of the Screen Portions
It is an ordinary sliding door repair to have your screen door replaced. The unit’s screen part often gives in after years of daily use. Bent frames and broken wheels are common if people exert too much force on the screen door. If ever you need to change your sliding door, go with the one that is made from extruded aluminum to enjoy more rigidness and strength. You are all set for this project with just some ordinary tools. You can lubricate the tracks once you’re done setting up the new sliding door by having some silicone lubricate with you.

DIY sliding door repair is a big money-saver by helping you prolong the life of your entryway. You can ensure that the mechanisms don’t get stuck by maintaining and cleaning it regularly. Replacing your door is your only choice if you no longer feel like doing any sliding door repair.