What Makes Vinyl Flooring So Popular

When flooring a home you want durability and long lasting floors that you dont have to rip up and change regularly. You want something thats affordable, yet offers you beauty when it comes to design and durability when it comes to the family traffic in and out of the room. This is one of the reasons that vinyl flooring has become a popular choice. Treadsafe vinyl flooring offers you so many features and benefits at affordable prices.

Whether youre flooring your bathroom, hall or living room this flooring offers you the beauty, warmth and character you would expect from top quality flooring. You can choose your selection from tiles or wood design to compliment the space, your design and furniture, another reason that Treadsafe vinyl flooring is a top contender when it comes to floors.

I know from personal experience that finding flooring which is long lasting is so important, the thought of having to replace the floors every few years is not an option. I want to spend the money once off and get what I want something thats tough, durable and will last many years. I also dont want it to get scuffs and scratches, leaving me in a situation where I am replacing the flooring.

Scratch Resistant

Vinyl flooring is scratch resistant and water proof, ideal for bathrooms, kitchens and hallways. Placing this flooring in high traffic areas is great, you just give it a wipe to clean and it looks brand new. Of course its scratch resistant to a degree, I wouldnt drag heavy furniture over it and expect it to be scratch resistant, but when compared to other flooring, it comes out on top.

One of my pet hates is cleaning and maintenance, with such a busy schedule, I want something I can run a mop over and its clean. The thought of treating and polishing doesnt fit into my busy routine and with a family and pets running around the house, there is always loads of cleaning to be done.

Clean with a Simple Wipe

When it comes to vinyl flooring you can clean it with a wet wipe and itll be clean and looking as good as new, there is no heavy maintenance or polishing, making it the perfect choice for family homes. Its also great for anyone with allergies, rather than trying to get dust and dirt out of carpets, you can keep the Treadsafe vinyl flooring clean all the time, reducing allergies in the home.

The last benefit I have to mention is that its waterproof, not water resistant, but actually water proof. This makes it the perfect choice for bathrooms and shower rooms, even the kitchen. Of course youre not going to leave puddles around the home, but at least you dont have to worry about it bubbling or lifting due to water, a big bonus in my books.