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Stylish and Efficient Window Shades The options for window treatment before was more of the use of drapes or blinds. Nowadays, there are various styles, types, models and options in window shades and blinds to choose from. Truth is, you can even amp the energy efficiency of your home with nice, practical window treatments! There is no limit in your options in energy-efficient window treatments starting from the insulated roman shades to the unique cellular window blinds. Although there are many more options, the two most common ones, the cellular shade and the plantation shutters are described below. You can visit the local window treatment store to learn about other choices. Cellular or honeycomb shades not only perform well in energy-efficiency but also appear luxurious. In cellular window shades, they are made from two sheets of fabric pleated together which appear like air pockets or cells. The air pockets in these shades act as insulator between the home and windows when put down. Cellular shades help keep heat in during the winter and out during the summer, thereby making it less costly as it makes your home more comfortable. These cellular window shades are either single or double honeycomb. Since it provides 60% more insulation, the double honeycomb is more expensive than the single one. Aside from their energy-efficient performance, the cellular window shades can be decorative and make your window stylish as they come in rainbow colors. For the plantation shutters, these are considered elegant alternatives to the traditional horizontal blinds and are also energy-efficient. Having it snugly installed in the window frames allows the plantation shutters to eliminate drafts and also give insulation from the outside temperature. The plantation shutter is uniquely constructed along with its thermal properties that help lower heat loss in winter and heat gain in summer. These shades are both low-maintenance and look appealing that is why they are great home investments. Both home owners and buyers highly value the plantation shutters because these add more value to the house than other types of window treatment. Enjoy the energy-efficient performance of your interior shutters now and get return on investment later when you sell.
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Aside from the two most popular window shades which are the cellular shades and plantation shutters, the wide array of choices also look very appealing but keep in mind the savings you can have if you consider the energy efficiency of the type or design you will get. Contact your local window treatment specialist today to learn more about energy-efficient window shades for your home or office!
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So go ahead and try to learn more about energy-efficient window shades–contact your local window treatment specialist now.