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Window Shutters: An Underrated Window Covering for the UK Window shutters are one the less-appreciated styles of window coverings. Their frame typically holds rails laid sideways on stiles. They are most commonly made of wood, but different kinds of synthetic plastics are used, as well. The sideways slats are most frequently louvers; the material for these ranges from wood, to glass, to various other substances. The louvers can be customized: you can get them either unfixed (movable) or fixed, and the unfixed variety can be set vertically or horizontally according to your needs. These kinds of shutters provide a useful opportunity for those who value the aesthetics of their home, since windows are not generally easy to “spruce” up. At the same time, they can be used to allow more or less light into a room, or even as a protective element against theft or damage. On top of the customizations already mentioned, window shutters can also be divided into interior and exterior types. Each of these kinds has its pros and cons. If, for example, you dread the cold in the winter, you might prefer an interior unit. Nevertheless, interior shutters can leave the exterior side a little bare, leaving a need to add wooden boards or related protection against storms or other kinds of weather elements. Window shutters are some of the most desirable styles of window coverings in the UK. Some of their most appealing qualities are that they are neat and clean without sacrificing style and beauty. If hygiene is important to you, it might interest you to know that dust doesn’t cling to window shutters nearly as well as it does to fabric curtains and other coverings.
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Beyond the design appeal of such shutters, don’t forget that they can be cost-effective at the same time. All the same, they are made of solid, long-lasting material; you won’t need to replace them as often as shoddily-constructed blinds, for example. You can buy these shutters ready-to-install with the design of your choice and at the right size for your windows. So while it might seem that they have a high cost at the beginning, the quality-to-price ratio can’t be beat.
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One final advantage of these is that they can save energy: since they better protect against high and low temperatures, you don’t need to spend as much money on air conditioning or heating. They can be useful in more “intermediate” seasons, too, since the air coming in and out can be controlled. Just move the louvers a little bit this way or that, and you can let in as little or as much air as you want. No matter your tastes and needs, there is likely a window shutter out there that will satisfy them.