What Features are Available on the ADT iHome Alarm Systems?

One of the biggest reasons people purchase a home security system is to make sure their family is safe from burglary. When you are away from home or sleeping at night, you want to make sure your home is safe for those you love. Being invaded by an intruder can cause your entire family distress and make you feel unsafe in your own home. Through the ADT iHome Alarm Systems, you can rest assured your family will be protected from intruders at all times, even when you are not able to be there with them.

While burglary protection is an extremely important feature, there are other features of these security systems that people find extremely helpful. If you are considering purchasing a security system, you may want to consider asking about these special features, so your home and family can be completely protected at all times.

  • When an intruder invades your home, the police are immediately notified. In some systems, a security professional can communicate with the intruder and warn them the police are on their way. Often, this will cause an intruder to flee your home as quickly as possible. With the ADT system, you are also notified, after the police have been called.
  • Fire and smoke monitoring services are also crucial to protecting your family and home. When you are asleep, your family is most vulnerable to fires. Through the ADT system, you will be notified of the smoke and fire and the fire department in your area will be immediately contacted. There is no smoke alarm that can offer those services.
  • Carbon monoxide monitoring is also crucial for the protection of your family. Since this gas is invisible and odorless, it is impossible to detect in your home. Since this gas can harm your family, it is crucial you know if it is present in your home.

If you are in need of a home security system, contact ADT and learn about your options today. They will help you choose the perfect system, ensuring your family and home are always protected. With added features, you can completely run your home from anywhere.