What Does a Homeowner Gain by Remodeling Kitchen Cabinets?

It is only natural for a homeowner to want to spruce up a kitchen after living with the same look for a number of years. Before tackling the renovation, there are decisions to be made. One of those has to do with the kitchen cabinets. Will they need to be replaced or can they be remodeled? Here are a few reasons the latter option is worth considering.

More Money for Other Aspects of the Renovation

By remodeling kitchen cabinets rather than consigning them to the junk heap, the homeowner frees up a significant amount of money he or she can use for other parts of the renovation project. This will mean it is possible to cover the cost of replacing one or more of the major appliances or investing in a new dining set for the breakfast nook. That money could also be used to add something new to the kitchen, like the dishwasher the family has wanted for years.

Easy to Change the Look

Changing the look of older kitchen cabinets is not as hard as many people think. Stripping the old paint or stain essentially creates a blank surface that is ideal for adding fresh elements. For example, cabinetry that comes with rather plain cabinet doors can easily be stripped, painted in a new color, and embellished with anything from stenciling to accent pieces that add some visual interest to those cabinets. Match the change in the cabinetry with fresh countertop material and the kitchen will take on a totally difference appearance.

Finish the Renovation Faster

There is no doubt it takes time to manage any type of kitchen renovation. Anything that saves a little time will certainly help. By choosing to keep the same cabinetry and make cosmetic changes will mean there is no time and effort spent in ripping out those cabinets, preparing the walls for the new cabinetry, and then going through the installation process.

Before tossing those old cabinets out the back door, take a good look at them. Are they still functional, and would they lend themselves easily to a little cosmetic improvement? If so, they are worth salvaging as part of the kitchen remodeling project.