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Ways To Thoroughly Clean Blinds Without Taking Them Down

As time goes by blinds are bound to accumulate dust, splatters, spills, insect debris, and stains. The windows and doors blind together with their pull strings will get discolored as weeks roll by. The blinds can also be soiled by your routine cleanings such as dusting and window washing. Cleaning different blinds without taking them down can be quite challenging when you have not mastered the tricks that work. However, it is possible to effectively clean window blinds without removing them and leaving the doors and windows uncovered.

If you were to remove the window and door blinds for washing, it means you would leave them uncovered until you are done the washing and cleaning them especially if you have a single set of blinds. For this reason you need to learn how cleaning different blinds without taking them down is effectively done. The following steps are useful for cleaning different blinds without taking them down.

Open the window or door blinds and let them down to the last section as the first step to cleaning the blind without letting it down. After opening it, you can pull the bottom out from the windowsill and letting it fall for the exposure of all the slats. Do not forget that even the bottom window blinds that are not opened most of the time also become dirty over time. Once you have opened the blinds, you need to turn them in the horizontal position so that they do not touch each other.

The other crucial thing to do and ensure the cleaning different blinds without taking them down is effectively done, is to utilize the vacuum cleaner to get rid of all the dust in the window slats. You may need to attach a brush to a hose as you try to vacuum all the dust from the top and bottom of the window slats.

The third step to cleaning different blinds without taking them down is to pour antibacterial soap into a bucket that contains warm water. Soak a clean cloth in the soapy water and wrench it to remove excess moisture. Get the wet cloth and fix it around the slat before sliding it from one end to another as you move around the support strings. Every time the wet cloth is soiled, stop for a moment to dip it again in the warm water so that you can continue. Ensure that every window slat is effectively cleaned together with the top and bottom bars.

You have to clean the blind pull strings as the last step towards cleaning the blinds without taking them down. Dip a clean white cloth in warm water and put some bleach to it which you then use for cleaning and restoring the color of blind pull strings.