What Can You Expect From ADT Home Security?

If your home is not protected by a home security system, your family could be at risk. It is more important than ever before, to make sure your family and home are fully protected at all times, even when you cannot be there. Through ADT Home Security, you can rest assured your home is being monitored for any signs of problems. Unlike basic home security systems, ADT provides your home with a wide array of protection, so you are covered in every way possible. This can give you great peace of mind, in knowing your home and family are as safe as possible.

  • Temperature monitoring helps to monitor the temperature in your home at all times. The system will alert you for low temperature changes, that could cause damage to your home, like burst pipes. This can be helpful in all seasons, to make sure your home is staying at an optimum level of comfort.
  • Burglary protection is the most important aspect of an ADT system. The moment your home is breached, a security professional will contact the police and you, so the intruders can be apprehended before they take anything from your home or vandalize it.
  • Your home can also be monitored for flood damage. If water is detected in your home, you will be notified immediately. This can save you thousands of dollars in damages.
  • Fire and smoke detection are crucial for the safety of your family. Once smoke or fire are detected, the security professional immediately notifies the fire department and contacts you, so your home can be protected at all times.
  • With carbon monoxide monitoring, you can rest assured your family is safe from this killer gas. There is no other way to detect this gas is present in your home, without this monitoring service.
  • You can also choose to have medical monitoring services. By pushing a button, you can be connected with a security professional, who will contact the appropriate authorities on your behalf.

If you are ready to make sure your home and family are fully protected, contact ADT and allow them to provide you with the best in home security systems, so you can rest assured your home is safe for you and your family.