Weighing Up The Options – Re-carpeting Office Spaces

somekeyword is the ideal flooring solution for so many different spaces – offices in particular. The lowered likelihood of slips and falls, the insulation from sound and temperature variations and the improvement in air quality that carpets provide make them the most popular and practical option for office flooring. Today we are looking at ways to save money on your office flooring, with both innovative new commercial carpet products and installation systems that reduce both downtime and labour costs.

Basically, when researching new commercial carpet for an office space you have two options: the standard broadloom (rolled carpet) or carpet tiles. There are several factors that make carpet tiles an ideal choice in office spaces – Let’s explore them.

Costs – Employee Downtime

When re-installing broadloom carpet, there is a necessary downtime while furniture is moved out .. and a spaghetti bowl of cords behind each workstation is sorted out when the furniture comes back! Employees must still be paid for this time in most cases, but there is no return in productivity for the company. The disruption this can cause to work schedules can be measured in more ways that simply financial!

Carpet tiles offer the option of re-carpeting overnight or over a weekend, for larger projects. This can be achieved with a furniture lift system (some major retailers have patented their own expert-designed systems), as carpet tiles are placed individually, rather than rolled out in large sheets.

Costs – Storage

Obviously, the storage cost associated with keeping an entire office full of furniture is eliminated also with a furniture lift system and use of carpet tiles for commercial flooring.

Timing – Can it be done out of hours?

As broadloom carpet comes in long rolls, the process of carpet installation means that it simply isn’t viable to just lift the furniture and work around it. Everything needs to be off the floor and out of the way. Carpet tiles offer no such problems, fitting neatly into their allotted spaces like a jigsaw. Whether the disruption is to your own, or your tenant’s work, it is equally undesirable .. especially when there is a strong and viable alternative!

Design – Flexibility

Certainly, broadloom carpet design has come a long way in recent times. Moving from simple single colour carpets to more textured and intricately patterned commercial flooring has been a great boon. However with broadloom carpet, the limitation will always be what the manufacturer wants to create. As most of us realize, a carpet manufacturer’s idea of a modern, inspirational pattern and what the inhabitants of the space think can be radically different! Carpet tiles offer the opportunity to be limited only by your imagination. You can create your own flooring design by creating your own carpet tile mosaic. Choices all of a sudden become broader and more creative.


somekeyword tiles can be replaced individually as necessary, meaning that heavy traffic areas can be easily (and very cost effectively) maintained as new. Broadloom carpet comes in a single width – 3.66 metres – and if you happen to have spaces that are angular, curved, or particularly small, the cutouts and waste from broadloom quickly overtakes any savings in materials.

What’s the verdict?

Taking all costs into consideration, including:

Employee downtime
Storage costs
The waste associated with broadloom carpet
The ease of replacement for small and heavy traffic areas
The longer lifespan of materials with good quality carpet tile manufacturers,
Carpet tiles (installed with furniture lift systems like Renovisions) can actually save around 50% of the costs of re-carpeting an office space .. with a more durable product backed by warranty, and the freedom to create a space exactly as you envision it.