We Found a New House

We have finally found a new place, one that is bigger than the other place. Of course it is lucky for us that we found someone to buy the old place. It is a perfect place for a first time home owner and we have put a good deal of work into fixing what was wrong with it. Of course the place is tiny, so there is a real limit to how much value you can add. The thing is that it is affordable for those starting out. This new place gets ATT internet, the fios type with the fiber optic going straight in the house. It was not available in the old place. That is a really big deal to me, since I have figured out how to share the Directv connection that my brother in law has. It is a sweet deal for me, since he is not really making me pay for it.

The deal is that when you add a new receiver to an existing Directv account, they only charge you an extra five dollars. So we get a satellite dish and two receivers, which costs a little bit of money. It is not so bad if you get out of the monthly bills. Of course we went on ebay and found all that we needed at a discount. It is not as good as getting it completely for free, but there is not anything much closer. I am going to do some work for the brother in law that will make it up to him. He wants to get a new deck on the back of his house and that is something that I used to do when I was working my way through college. I can fix it up in a couple of weekends for him.