Ways to Use Paper Mart Tape to Decorate Your Gifts

When you wrap presents, you usually use clear tape or double-sided tape so that the recipient doesn’t see it. Why? What’s so horrible about tape that you must hide it away? Instead, use tape and let it shine. Here are a few ways to use tape to decorate your gifts.

Use Colorful Tape

Washi tape is tape made from paper. It is thin, often transparent, and easy to use. You can remove washi tape from paper without tearing. Use this colorful tape to close up your packages. Let it run along all the triangular folds instead of just placing a piece at the tip. You’ll end up with pretty triangles and lines on the gift. They will stand out and make the present look pretty when all you did was close the packaging.

Use Tape Instead of Ribbon

You can get colorful tape larger than washi tape and use it instead of ribbon. Ribbon is annoying to wrap around the gift and tie into a pretty bow. Maybe you’re bad at tying bows. Instead, simple wrap the tape around the gift. Use one piece on the short or long side of the gift to go ahead and make a cross pattern. You can even make a checkered patterns on your gift. It’s even possible to complete cover the gift with patterned tape. Just wrap it with plain paper and go at it with the tape.

Make Custom Tape

Here’s a neat trick you might not have known about. You can take clear packaging tape and transfer images to it. You end up with tape with transparent images that still sticks to your presents. You need an image printed with a laser-jet printer or a copied image using a copier. Stick the packaging tape over the printed side of the image and then soak off the paper with water. The ink will remain on the tape and so will the stickiness.

All of these ideas make gift wrapping easier, too. Decorative tape is much easier to work with than ribbon or paper and it looks beautiful, too. You gift recipients will wonder how you created such masterpieces. You don’t have to admit that you only stuck some tape on the wrapping paper. Check out Paper Mart for lots of decorative tape options.