Ways To Reinvigorate Your Home Carpeting

Do your carpet floors look as if they’ve seen better days? If so, check out our list of suggestions that a carpet company might come up with for beautifying your carpet floors.

1. Save the Planet: Choose Recycled Carpeting

“Green” and “carpet suppliers” are rarely included in the same sentence. Yet certain contemporary carpet makers are innovating to reduce material use – principally by creating carpeting with recycled materials. As an example, Shaw’s Anso carpeting is created from existent nylon carpeting, thus keeping 100 million pounds of carpeting out of landfills on an annual basis. Don’t worry – you don’t have to forgo style to help save the planet. Anso carpeting is durable and gorgeous, just like its traditional carpeting counterpart. Similarly, Mohawk Greenworks recycles plastic water bottles into carpet fibers.

Other carpet suppliers are creating new carpets with non-petroleum materials, such as corn sugar. The idea of creating carpet from corn sugar might sound crazy, but SmartStrand with DuPont Sorona proves it is indeed possible to create carpet from fast-growing crops like corn. Sprucing up your floors by putting in environmentally friendly carpet floors will help you feel good about your choices as a consumer.

2. Throw Down a New Rug

Area rugs: a simple interior design tool that can add style and cohesion to any carpet floors. Let your area rugs shine by following these tips:

Select a style that will compliment your decor. Choose a rug that will blend in seamlessly with your home’s current decorations. Choose wool, sisal, or natural jute rugs to create a cozy atmosphere, or go for a braided rug if the country look is woven throughout your home. A plush area rug will compliment a more modern palette. Most carpet suppliers offer samples or swatches to help you find the right shade of area rug for your decor.

Protect high-traffic areas. While you manifest your own personal style, don’t ditch utilitarian concerns. Area rugs offer excellent protection for high-traffic areas. If your hall seems rather drab, and you’ve noticed it is suffering scratches, a rectangular runner rug is the perfect solution for both problems.

Avoid clashing patterns. Patterns are energizing if you have too many patterns in the same space, the viewer will feel “burnt out.” A solid-toned rug is a good balance in this circumstance. Alternatively, if your area feels a little bland, a patterned rug will add instant pizzazz.

3. Use Carpet Tiles to Create Patterns

If it’s been a while since you flipped through a carpet suppliers’ catalogue, it may be time to reacquaint yourself with the industry’s offerings. The advent of carpet tiles has been especially revolutionary for the carpeting field.

The concept of carpet tiles is pretty self-explanatory – you can use different colors of square tiles to create an interesting visual pattern. Unraveling isn’t a concern, since the edges of each carpet tile are finished. Adhesive discs attach the carpet tiles to underlying linoleum, tile, or wood flooring. One maintenance advantage of carpet tiles is that stained or otherwise damaged sections of carpets can be replaced quickly, easily, and affordably.

Your carpet company representative can expound on the many design possibilities posed by carpet tiles. Checkerboard patterns are just the beginning. You could use contrasting shades to outline a certain favorite element of your home, for instance.

Area rugs, earth-friendly carpeting, and carpet tiles are three design tools for taking your carpet floors from “meh” to “marvelous”!