Washable Non Slip Rugs are an Essential Item in the Kitchen

It is fun to decorate a home and even just redecorating one room can make your home feel fresh and new. In my home I try to change the dcor of at least one room each year and this time it was the turn of kitchen. Once the whole room was finished I realised that I had forgotten about the washable kitchen mats which needed replacing. This may seem like a small item but I have found that washable non slip rugs are essential in the kitchen and the bathroom.

Since it is impractical to have carpeting in these two rooms for various reasons most people tend to go with a more practical flooring option such as tiles, vinyl or lino. These are easy to clean and to maintain and more suited for placing in areas which tend to get wet. The only problem is that due to this moisture, the floor tends to become slippery and dangerous to walk on at times and this is why washable mats are an excellent idea. Apart from acting as a barrier between the flooring and the dirt, they can help to prevent falls and accidents.

The main difference between washable kitchen mats is with the backing. The two types available are vinyl or rubber. Vinyl backed mats are suitable for occasional machine washing can cannot be tumble dried. Rubber backed door mats are suitable for regular washing and can be tumble dried too. The other advantage to a rubber backing is that it is less likely to move on a hard floor or creep on a carpeted floor. When washing mats it is advisable to wash on a 30 or 40 degree wash using standard laundry detergent. Fabric softener should never be used as this will reduce the effectiveness of the washable rug.

somekeyword can be placed near the sink so that any moisture which drips down is absorbed before it can spread to other areas of the floor. You do not realise just how much water actually spills and splashes about until you do NOT place a washable kitchen rug there and notice the difference. Another area in the kitchen where a washable rug is a good idea is in front of the cooker where it can catch spatters of grease from cooking before they can dirty the floor and make it dangerous to walk on.

In fact, depending on the positioning of the sink and the cooker, you can sometimes use washable kitchen runners to cover both areas with the same item. A runner is a longer and thinner version of a rug and is available in various sizes. I have always had washable mats placed throughout the home in various places such as entrance ways and in the bathroom. The great thing about them is that once they start to look dirty you just stick them into the washing machine and they come out looking good again and in this way you protect the flooring underneath too.

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