Warm Up the Look of Your House with Wood Flooring

Wood flooring can give your home a warm and natural look. It is more sustainable than other flooring choices and comes in a variety of shades to fit your existing decor. Whether your home has a rustic or modern flair, hardwood can add style and boost your home’s value. Wood is naturally warm in comparison to laminate flooring or tile, and doesn’t harbor allergens or mold like some carpets can. There are a variety of styles to choose from but wide plank pine floors offer a natural and unique finished look.

When choosing a pine floor it is wise to choose a company that understands flooring from its original state through its final installation. They can usually offer you the best product for your price and you will know without a doubt that your floor came from sustainable means and is 100% natural. You have quality control from start to finish.

Many flooring companies offer flooring in a package that includes varied widths which provides a more natural look, types include :

Old World

This wood is hand distressed to give it a natural but “old time” charm.


The rustic look is the perfect fit for log cabins, ranches, and anywhere the western look is desired.

Wire Brushed

Just as the name describes, a wire brush is used on the wood to give a distinct look and feel.

Oyster Shell

This wood is lighter in color than other choices and is a wonderful way to brighten any space that seems a bit dark.


Driftwood is darker in color than oyster shell but not as dark as other choices. Think of oceanfront beach cottages or lakeside bungalows.

Regardless of your color and style choice, quality wood floors can give you the look you crave while giving you extra value for your money. Properly installed and cared for wood floors can last a lifetime or two. They are also much easier to care for than carpet, which requires vacuuming, spot and stain removal, and needs replacing much faster than durable wood. Since wood floors keep their value and their look much longer than other flooring choices, they can increase the value of your house and provide you with excellent return on your investment.