Vinyl Flooring – Useful Cleaning Methods

Among modern form of flooring, vinyl flooring also come with numerous quality features. This type of flooring is preferred because by following simple ways, its shine can be maintained for longer. Cleaning is regarded as an important factor for the maintenance of tile’s look. As such, there are several methods of cleaning which can help one to maintain the look and shine of vinyl flooring. Let’s understand such methods step by step.

Sweeping of floor

First step is the sweeping of floor with the help of vacuum cleaner. Through this step, one can manage to get the floor clean and clear of small stones, dirt pieces and other dust particles. This is really useful to clean the floor before opting for second step.

Mopping of floor

Mopping of floor is another useful step in the cleaning of vinylflooring. Mopping method can be used with the help of preparing a mixture in which 50 % is hot water and the rest 50 % is vinegar. Another solution in this regard can be made of same amount of hot water and ammonia. One should avoid using harsh cleaners in this regard because it can create destruction to vinyl surface. And detergent should be avoided because it can leave sticky residue.

Hot water cleaning

If the vinyl floor is heavily souled, then it can get cleaned with the use of hot water and some traces of little ivory dish soap. Use the soapy solution on the surface for some time so that dirt get loosen and get cleaned easily. After they get loosen, one can clean the surface with the help of cloth.

Cleaning with isopropyl alcohol

Another method of cleaning the vinyl flooring is through the use of solution prepared by mixing hot water and isopropyl alcohol. One part of alcohol is needed to mix with three parts of hot water. And by using this solution, wax particles can be easily removed.

Scuff marks and scrapes

Use paint thinner to remove scuff marks. This can be done by getting cloth wet with lighter fluid or paint thinner to remove the scuff over the surface. After using this method, clean the surface with clean water and thus one can get the surface clean and clear.

Hot water and bleach

One can also take help of solution made from hot water and bleach. One is simply needed to soak white rag in the solution and applied them on the surface. This help in clearing the persistent stain of the surface. All the above mentioned cleaning steps are special and effective in their own way. Thus, by applying any of these cleaning methods can help one to get the vinyl flooring to look as clean and shining as new.

About the Author:- Jason Colling is a renowned writer who has written articles on various interior designing techniques related to floor decor. His articles focus on various uses of cappuccino marble tiles and bathroom floor tiles.