Using Cellophane to Wrap a Basket or Container

There are lots of different ways to wrap a gift. For a unique look, many people like to wrap a present in a way that leaves the contents viewable by the recipient. Despite the amazing look that can be created, it isn’t too hard to wrap up a container in cellophane or plastic wrap.

Before adding the contents to the container, it helps to place something inside to add volume and lift up the contents. Plastic wrap, newspaper, tissue paper and even another smaller container can all be used to elevate the contents of a basket. Once this is done, arrange the items in an interesting way.

A person doesn’t need to be a present wrapping expert to lay the items out nicely. Think about how to add height and depth to the present to create the most appealing display possible. It may help to attach some items to others to keep them in place. If the container doesn’t look full, consider small items that can take up space and add to the gift. Things like candy in a child’s basket, diapers for a baby basket, or bath sponges for a spa basket all cost a little bit of money but work well as filler.

Once the contents are arranged, lay out a large piece of plastic wrap. (If possible, don’t cut the paper to size until it is sure that the piece is big enough to wrap all the way around the basket.) Once the paper is measured, start at the bottom and gather up the plastic wrap, slowly moving to the top of the container.

At this point, there should be excess wrap located at the top of the present. Using a garbage tie or a small rubber band, bring the ends together. If necessary, move the plastic wrap around so that the front of the container and its contents are clearly visible. If there is some overlap or wrinkling, try to move it to the back of the gift.

Once everything looks great, use a ribbon to tie a bow at the gathered portion of the plastic wrap. If desired, a card can be attached to the ribbon, signifying the gift’s giver and recipient.