Using Carpet Cleaning Atlanta To Keep Floors Looking Sharp

When someone gets new carpeting installed in a home or business, it is important to take steps in maintaining it so it continues to look its best. Failing to take these steps can cause a carpet to become worn and drab-looking very quickly. Here are some steps to use when maintaining new carpeting.

Vacuuming the carpet regularly will help it remain clean. If vacuuming is not done, people walking on the carpeting will push any dirt further into the fibers. It is a good idea to vacuum every day or two for the best results. Use a vacuum cleaner attachment to keep edges of carpeting clean as well.

If there is going to be a lot of foot traffic on carpeting, it is a great idea to use area rugs through this area to help keep dirt at a minimum. Place a mat inside any doorway so people can wipe their feet before entering a room to walk on carpeting. Another alternative is to ask people to take off their shoes.

Having a service specializing in carpet cleaning atlanta to do routine steam cleanings of carpeting will help keep it looking like new. A steam cleaner could also be rented or purchased, but using a professional will have results that will leave a carpet in much better condition. If a rented steam cleaner is not cleaned out before use, it can actually ruin a new carpet with additional grime.

When someone spills something on a carpet, the area should be attended to promptly to help reduce the chance of staining. Any chunks in a spill or liquid mishap should be removed by hand with a clean piece of cloth or paper towel. Afterwards, the wet area should be blotted from the outside of the spill toward the center. Never rub at a liquid that could stain a carpet as this can embed it further into the fibers.

It is advisable to call a carpet cleaning service immediately if the liquid appears to be leaving a permanent stain. They will have the proper products and procedures needed to remove all discoloring from a carpet, leaving it in pristine condition.