Use Nourison Rugs and Stair Runners to Beautify Homes

Most homes have reverted back to the old style of decoration by bringing back rugs and stair runners into fashion. They convey an aesthetic and elegant look to the homes, making it warm and inviting. Installing stair runners is also practical to prevent accidents on the staircase, especially if there are old people or children. >

Stair runners are made from a variety of materials like wool (for cold climates), fiber, sisal and coir. Installing a stair runner brings color and elegance to a home with the wide varieties of textures available. Designer made in contemporary and modern designs are available with the various brand names. They are available up to 100 ft long which a good option is.

Installing a carpet over the stairs is easy and can be done by an amateur provided the staircase is straight. Those which wind around that turn corners are more difficult and may need an expert to help

Rugs on the other hand are textile covering for floors mainly hardwood ones. They come in many shapes, sizes, colorings and textiles. They are very good in bringing warmth to a room as well as reducing the echo which is there in smaller rooms. There are many designs available too. There are oriental, tropical, kitchen rugs, designer rugs and rugs for pets. They are either handmade or made by power looms.

Rugs were first made only with wool, but now it is available in luxury sheepskin, nylon and cotton fiber. Since most are made in bright colors and designs, it livens up the rooms where they are placed. It is very difficult to find a designer with both quality and design. Some cater to Persian styles while others will provide animal or trendy geometrical designs on them. There are many brand names in rugs mainly keratin rugs, nourison rugs, braided rugs, Milken rugs and Shaw rugs. These are of the highest quality with handmade ones designed by skilled craftsmen.

It is very important to clean the rugs once in a while so that it does not wear out. The most common way of doing it is by vacuum cleaning it. In the case of staining, a soft cloth soaked with stain resistant solution should be rubbed on the surface. Underlying pads are put under the rugs to make it last longer and at the same time helping the rug to stay in place.

The best way to bring color and elegance to the house is to place stair runners and handmade rugs. The author is an experienced Content writer and publisher on the topics related to somekeyword and somekeyword.