Use Marquee Accessories to Customise Your Special Day

Hiring a marquee in Norfolk is all very well and good, but its not going to be much of a wedding if theres nothing to sit on or eat your canaps off. When organising your next wedding, business launch or public event, put aside a little bit of time in order so consider what new angles the event hire of a few extra accessories can bring.

First chairs. Not much of a party if everyones standing around looking uncomfortable is it? Not a chance. With chairs, they are able to take a seat around and hide their blushes behind a well placed wine glass or lace doily. Your choice of chair can say a lot about your function. A chair itself may be a relatively unostentatious piece of furniture, but multiplied dozens of times in one little marquee, then a poorly considered design choice will certainly stand out. If you are looking for something that is unostentatious but does the job, then the classic white bistro chair is for you. It may not be anything showy, but it fits inoffensively into any design. The Knockhill beech wood folding chair is an old favourite that is making something of a comeback. Many of us will get a little teary eyed the moment we see one of these. It brings to mind summer fetes and village Christmas parties, and has in recent years found favour in even the swankiest of venues. There is something about this design that says “community”. The natural Chivari chair has a comparable rustic factor. It is, after all, named for the historic town on the Italian Riviera. Both big and small events can benefit from the homely charms of this practical favourite. Banqueting chairs possess a quiet sense of style evoking the fairy tale without being too showy. The chairs come in both white and gilt, while a selection of coloured pads ensure comfort while also allowing the chair to be fitted into almost any colour scheme (unless you choose pink and yellow polka dots, in which case youre probably safer with the white bistro). Of course, if you hire white or ivory chair covers, then ti doesn’t really matter what’s underneath them. You may have hired a marquee in Norfolk, but you can be transported to some dream realm with these angelic covers. A selection of coloured sashes allows you to reflect your interior colour scheme.

Norfolk marquee hire companies can give your marquee extra character with a variety of linings. One of the great advantages of marquees is that they offer an adaptability not found in reception rooms or cricket clubs. With a choice of different coloured linings you can augment and tailor your venue to match your selected colour scheme and tone. If you are organising a party for the local rugby lads, then the team colours can be reflected in your choice of drapes. If it is a wedding, then the colours of the brides bouquet and the ties of the grooms party can be carried through the entire reception venue.

Organising a venue can be a headache at the best of times, and trying to synchronise the activities of three or four separate contractors can be a major part of it. You dont want the marquee people, the hairdressers, the chauffeurs and the photographer all turning up at the same time. And then youve got to organise the knives and forks! Well, no you dont. Marquee hire companies deal with large events every day of the week. They should therefore have their own contacts they can draw on to help you. Some may even be able to deliver the crockery on behalf of other companies at the same time that they deliver your marquee and accessories.