Types of Table Skirts

Linen Table Skirts are perfect for covering the sides of standard 6 to 8 foot rectangular banquet tables. These table skirts are constructed from Dacron and polyester fabric and are now available in a wide variety of vibrant colors for your banquet table.

Table skirts also known as table skirting – are a fabric panel that is wrapped around the front and sides of the table. Hy Supplies sells custom dyed table skirts, along with standard color table top throws to cover the top of the table, and enough plastic edge clips to velcro the skirt onto the table without damaging it.

Many of our table skirts are manufactured by Milliken. These table skirts are designed to fit 6 Foot (1.83 Meters) to 8 Foot (2.44 Meters) rectangular banquet tables. They will also fit a 48 inch round table quite nicely. Convenient velcro clips line the top edge of the skirt and easily hold fast to the side edge of a table. Choose from a wide variety of vibrant solid colors. Great for short-term events, conventions, or holiday events!

The Shirred Lacoste Color Table Skirts is the industry standard for trade show use. It features a full look at and economical price. 29 inches high is standard and they are attached to wooden tables with Velcro clips [Velklips]. Most large hotels and convention centers use mixed fiber table skirts made from Polyester and dacron weave with Velcro backing and Table Clips available as an option.

Box-Pleat table skirts feature a more formal hotel style pleat that can be used for weddings, banquet tables and registration tables. Box-Pleat Table Skirts feature Velcro backing and on Table Clip per foot as standard. Our table skirts, table covers, and table runners offer a great way to give your tradeshow booth, exhibit, or presentation table a professional appearance at a low cost. Table skirts cover up unsightly display tables quickly and efficiently. Designed especially for use at tradeshows and conventions, all of these table skirts and other table toppers are machine washable, wrinkle-resistant and some are even flame retardant.

Table skirts are used on a variety of tables such as dining tables, and banquet tables. They are used to mask the legs of the tables and hide items under the table. Their used often during formal occasions. At weddings and other social gatherings floral arrangements are often placed in front of the skirts to complement the decor of a hall. At conventions, signs are often placed in front of tables to inform patrons.

Standard table skirting come in both full and economy models, so you can decide which style is best for you. Many colors are available for you to choose from depending on the style you choose. Look at our table cloths as a great way to spice up your presentation display table. Table skirts are a great way to add a finishing detail to your booth or event table and create a focal point for brochures, computers or handouts. Hy Supplies sells all of these table skirts at a low cost and in the fastest lead time possible.

Our dyed fabric table skirts effectively cover the front and both sides of a standard 30″ deep x 30″ high folding display or boardroom table. The custom dyed skirt is produced in one piece which covers either the front only (1 sided) or the front and both sides (3 sided) or the front, back and both sides (4 sided) of the table. When purchasing table skirts, look at ordering the same color table top coverings along with edge clips to temporarily secure the table skirt to the table.

Shirred table skirting will add impact to your presentation, elegance to any occasion and impress your guests. Skirting is made 29″ high for 30″ high tables and are available in many colors to suit your current dcor or style theme.