Types of Retractable Fly Screens

Most people like to have their windows and doors open during the hot summer months, but they don’t like the fact that by doing this, they are allowing all kinds of insects to get into their homes. They can use traditional screen windows and doors, but these aren’t always convenient to use, and they can end up getting stuck and not working properly. Luckily, there are other options people are trying that will allow them to have fresh air flowing through their homes but will also keep the insects where they belong, outside.

One of the more popular things to use to keep the bugs out are retractable fly screens. They can be pulled down or across any opening when they are needed, and they are easily hidden while not in use as they slide back into a casing. They are the ideal thing to have to keep the insects outdoors, and they provide a lot of privacy as well, since they are dark in color and not easy for those outside to see through. Because they are dark, they allow air to flow without the heat from the sun coming through to make the home too warm. They can be used on bi-fold doors, French doors, serveries, awning windows, casement windows, stacking doors, and even double hung windows. There are different types of retractable fly screens, including:

Flat Mesh Screens – These are flat mesh and can be found on track systems or sitting flush against the floor. They can be singular and close on one side, or double and open/close from the middle. They don’t affect any views and allow for plenty of airflow. Pleated Screens – These are made from pleated mesh and use a track system. They close with magnetic closures and can be folded back when not in use. Paneled Screens – These are made from a number of sliding panels. They look a lot like bi-fold doors, and they can be combined to cover as much as nine meters.

Another popular type is the magnetic screen, which is connected to the inside of window frames via magnetic strips. These can be removed at any time and are quite convenient to use.