Trade-off your mass-produce poster for an affordable elegant piece of history

Magazines, blogs and TV shows are all populated by programmes with tips on how to decorate and revamp homes and gardens. Where design concerned, it is nothing new that the small details are the ones that make the difference between a normal and a stylish place.
If you are thinking of trading-off your mass-produce poster for an affordable elegant piece of history, then a wall art sculpture in an ancient Greek or Roman style is the right solution for you.
Whilst buying an ancient Greek and Roman piece is impossible, even with an unlimited budget, you now have the option to decorate your home and garden with Ithaca Arts reproduction of ancient bas-reliefs, plaques and dramatic masks.
The Italian-based world-leader in the production of replicas of famous ancient Greek and Roman artworks is one of the few companies in the world able to reproduce the original masterpieces whilst meeting museum quality-standards.
Ancient Greeks and Romans used completely different techniques from the ones used nowadays for handmade art, this is why a detailed replica must be handmade by strictly following the old procedures in both crafting and colouring. Ithaca Art is proud of having their team of artists able to replicate the famous masterpieces with passion and knowledge by crafting them in the same way the ancient Greeks and Romans.
With a 40-year reputation for producing beautiful wall art sculpture having received countless numbers of international awards, Ithaca Art has over 150 artworks in its catalogue all entirely hand-crafted and sold at affordable prices.

Whether you are looking for bas-reliefs, sculptures or garden and home dcor, Ithaca Art pieces are all fired at about 1000 degrees in a process that makes them strong enough for outdoor spaces and beautiful for indoor areas.

As it was for the ancient Greeks and Romans, so it is that all Ithaca Art pieces are hand-crafted to measure, straight after the order has been commissioned. To meet the museum-quality standards, neither machines nor assembly lines are used and replicas are all hand-crafted by artists trained in art history and classic craftsmanship by following the same ancient techniques.

Ithaca’s wall sculptures are all weather proof and therefore perfect for decorating your outdoor spaces. They are a perfect gift welcomed by all those who enjoy personalising their house with unique style and expertise.

You can browse Ithaca Arts catalogue online at or see the artworks in one of the 15 shops across Europe. Ithaca Art has recently opened a UK branch in London Linden House 408 High Road NW10 2DR.