Toronto Hardwood Floors – The Classy Choice

Elegance, Class, Upscale, On the way to the top. These are some of the phrases that come to mind with real Toronto Hardwood Floors. Who wouldnt want a living room tiled in deep, rich, hardwood oak? Or a discussion area in sunlight-tan ash? Beautiful and calming – thats what hardwood floors are. Theyre worth the money as a lifelong investment.

A hardwood floor is not only great to live with, it can substantially increase the resale value of your house. You really cant get all the gunk and smell out of a carpet, no matter how good your vacuum, but a hardwood floor cleans spotlessly in minutes. Consider the attitude of a home-buyer who comes into your home and sees a beautiful hardwood floor, as opposed to a tatty old carpet. Clean, clear, crisp, and yet natural – thats what a Toronto hardwood floor is.

The natural beauty of hardwood has a calming effect, and in this frenetic age, thats a real plus. It may even contribute to your health and peace of mind. Relaxing before the fireplace, in a deep, red oak floor – what could be better for peace of mind and body? We are divorced from nature and yearn to get back to it. The best houses have natural wood, natural stone, and growing things to return us to our roots.

But as with the best of everything, more care and consideration is required with Toronto hardwood floors. If you leave your blind open all the time, so that the withering sun hits the floor all day, your floor will not look its best after a number of years. Worse, where the sunlight hits, it may be very hard to match color with more shadowed areas, should you want to replace some of the floor. Sun will bleach your fine, dark oak finish.

If you have children, they should, at the very least, know enough to tell you if there is a spill. Spills dont harm a floor – spills that sit a long time, do. So let them know its no harm, no foul, as long as they tell you immediately. A hidden spill is a damaging spill.

Love Your Floor

Toronto hardwood floors require a bit more care, but look at what they give in return: a beautiful, deep sheen and reflection. A wonderful, natural wood pattern. The aroma of real wood, enhanced by the best cleaning materials.

You dont need a fancy vacuum. In fact, some vacuums can be rough on hardwood, if they have a beater bar. The word beater should be a clue. You dont want to beat your floor to death. The best tool is a good-quality, wide, angled broom. Dust and dirt, which can wear a floor, are a regular menace. Keep that floor dirt-free and it will last a lifetime.

Wet mopping should be avoided except for quick spot removal of hard-to-remove substances, since moisture is hard on hardwood. Then, the area should be well-dried. There are now many mop-style cleaning heads that use a very lightly-dampened, disposable covering – and these are a good idea.

It is best to use a non-residue cleaner if you dont use the disposable mop-heads above. Waxy buildup on hardwood floors is a no-no. Vinegar is fine for this purpose.

Waxing your Toronto hardwood floors is not necessary unless they are old and need refurbishing. Even then, consult a professional or the Internet for exact usage. Too much buildup of the wrong type of wax can make refinishing your floor difficult down the road.